Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Sting Fuengirola

Sting Fuengirola Malaga

Sting will be performing in Fuengirola at Castillo Sohail, just before Miramar Shopping (if travelling from Marbella direction).

We saw Sting at Puente Romano a few years ago.  I think if you are a big fan you will enjoy it.  Personally, I wasn´t a big fan,  enjoyed some of his songs, but found the concert very slow and quite boring.  

But, don´t let me put you off, it could be a totally different concert and great fun!  

Sting at Fuengirola Castillo Sohail July 17th 2017.

Elton John Marbella

Elton John will be playing Marbella at the fantastic Starlite in Nagueles, Marbella.

Starlite is an amazing venue, just up the road from Swans Secondary School.  You leave your car close to the school and they then transport you up to the venue in a minibus.

The venue itself is spectacular and surreal.  There are lots of places to eat and drink and also numerous stalls selling items of fashion etc.  As the concerts finish, entertainment starts in the main area and turns into a nightclub until the early hours.

I personally love Starlite although it can be a little unorganised and annoying when you just want to get home and you have to queue for the buses.

We saw Elton John only a little while ago in Malaga and he was amazing, its well worth seeing him at least once.

For tickets and more information on Elton at Startlite.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Review of Max Colchon - Comentario de Chipre Colchon Max Colchon


Bought the CHIPRE mattress and base from Max Colchon back in September.  Base arrived broken, mattress smelt so bad the room stunk of chemicals and the mattress is rock solid compared to the one we tried in the shop.

November 11th they promised me a refund if I removed a review from their website.  I did remove it and its now December 19th and I still have the mattress in the home.   Over 450€ on broken base and a smelly, hard mattress.    After writing this and posting it on twitter to Max Colchon, I recieved an email and a phonecall  December 21st saying they will pick the mattress up if once again I remove all bad (true) comments.  

Beware when you only see good reviews....its because the bad ones have been asked to be removed.  Read all reviews and see if there are any things that keep repeating. Countless phonecalls, emails and hours waiting in for a delivery company.    AVOID!!!


So, back in September we needed a new bed for our daughter.  We went to IKEA and tested all the beds. With the cost of buying and delivery, Max Colchon, which was just next door to IKEA worked out better value.  It was a nice shop, the staff were good, we explained what we wanted and were recommended the CHIPRE.  It´s supposed to be perfect for kids / teens, anti-allergenic and anti ├ícaros (dustmite).  In the shop it was really quite comfy and you sank into the mattress.  We ordered a base and the CHIPRE mattress and a few days later it was delivered to our home.

The Base
Straight away the base was already damaged with holes in the fabric.  I phoned Max Colchon and they said they would either send me a new one or give me a 50€ refund.  Not wanting to wait anymore we took the 50€ refund and had to sign a waiver against any further problems.  After this, we then found there were even more holes than we had originally seen around the base.  The quality of the fabric is awful.

The Mattress
Straight away we wondered if it was the same mattress that we saw in the shop. The one that has been delivered is really hard compared to the one we all tried in the shop which you sank into.

The Smell
Within a few hours there was an awful smell of chemicals in the bedroom.  It was really strong and to be honest I didn´t feel this was very healthy for my daughter who suffers alot with allergy as it is.    We called Max Colchon who said give it a few more weeks.  The smell didn´t go away and we ended up removing the mattress and putting it in a spare room and using the older mattress.  The other room then started to smell too.

After numerous weeks I called Max Colchon who said they would replace the mattress with another one, but how would that be so different to the one we have already?    After a day or so, I called again and asked if we could just have a refund.

I was told I could have a refund, no problem, as long as I remove a review that I had filled out which had gone live on their website (which I didn´t realise at the time).  All I had to do was email the review company and get this removed.  This was November 11th 2016.

About 4 weeks later finally the delivery company came to take the mattress but they refused as it didn't have any plastic cover. I called Max Colchon who hadn´t advised me of this and they sent me some plastic which took another 2 weeks.  The delivery company promised to come back the next day, they didn't, nor the next day.

Its now December 19th and after countless emails and telephone conversations I still have this bed at my home.  I have given up trying to send it back now after numerous efforts and hours waiting in for this delivery company or rushing back home as they arrive without warning.

So, after writing this post and putting it out on twitter, December 21st I receive not only an email but a phonecall too.  Saying they will give me a refund when they have the mattress and when I have removed all bad (true) comments.  I told them I had already done that back November 11th and that didn´t work, so we will try my way.  Give me a refund, then come and get the mattress and I will decide if I remove any comments.

Over 450€ on a broken base and a mattress that stunk the room out and is like laying on a piece of wood.

Beware very aware of only good reviews!

Here are some other people that are really disatisfied with MAX COLCHON

Other similar stories of bad products from Max Colchon

More bad comments about Max Colchon

Friday, August 12, 2016

Origen Marbella - Origen - Patagonia

If you are a Patagonica fan then I´m sure you will like Origen´s Menu.

Very similar to Patagonia with a few extras like salmon, salads, chicken and pasta dishes, so it is perfect if you are  in a group where someone isn´t a big meat eater.

Between 4 of us we often share the Ramona Salad which is delicious and huge, a couple of empa├▒das and then 2 steaks which is more than enough food.    The food is good, slightly different to Patagonica and a little more pricey, but still pretty good value compared to many other restaurants.

The actual restaurant has a lovely feel to it, although I do find it a bit hot and noisy inside, but that could have been a one off evening.

There are a couple of issues like plates not being collected or changed quick enough before the mains come and it all becomes a bit of a mess at the table, maybe its just because it is so busy at the moment and a new restaurant.  It can take a little while sometimes to get eye contact and order, but once you do order the food comes very quickly.

Every time we have been we have eaten very well, (no desserts though) and the price has always worked out around 20-25€ per person, that is sharing a steak between 2 plus starters.

Where is it?  Right next to Franks Corners opposite Plaza Del Mar, Marbella.

Origen Marbella Telephone Number 0034 951 352 164

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Drain Clearing in Marbella - Desatoros En Marbella

We all know not to throw anything other than loo paper down the toilet, but its not until all your drains are blocked that you realise why the Spanish don't even throw that down the toilet in some areas.  The drainage system just isn´t that great.  

Why am I talking drains?  Well there had been a bit of an odor arising for a couple of weeks by my front door, along with the small black triangular flies, these are sewer flies.  I knew something wasn´t right,  but I couldn't put my finger on it.

The other day, on a Sunday of course, we had to put out an emergency call.   Lets say it was a bit stinky and messy.  We had a little problem that involved Baby Wipes.  Yes, these little things can cause a huge problem, although, in fairness it wasn´t only their fault.   

Tree Roots cause a major problem with the drains.  If you have a garden or have large trees growing close by, especially the Cypress Trees, then every once in a while you should get your drains checked.

Not only can these roots cause problems with your drainage system, they can also interfere with the pipes under the swimming pool, which could well be our next problem.  We literally had a mini tree growing inside our drain causing the problem and the baby wipes were the icing on the cake.

If you think you need your drains cleaned, speak to your plumber or the type of company you would require are called "Desatoros" in Spanish.

Friday, March 11, 2016

GAP in Marbella - GAP Malaga

Earlier this year, 2016 GAP Clothing became available in certain El Corte Ingles Stores in Malaga.   There is also a GAP Store at Malaga Airport, but unfortunately it is in the Passenger Zone.

GAP are available online at GAP.EU and can I personally say that the service is excellent.  I have made numerous orders and returns with no problems whatsoever.  Free Delivery over 50€ and if you sign up to their newsletter and offers, everyday or so you will receive some great Discount Codes.

You can buy online or in certain El Corte Ingles Stores GAP

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Wagamama Gibraltar

Wagamama is opening up in Gibraltar, Ocean Village.  Personally I do worry about franchises  as they can often disappoint like Pizza Express that opened up here a few years ago.  

However, I do love Wagamama and we tend to live there when we do go back to London, so I will definitely be trying this next time Im in Gibraltar.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

MOSH Marbella - wtf is Mosh?

Just been driving through Nueva Andalucia, where there seems to be so much happening!

The latest place under construction is MOSH, which on Facebook says it's going to be a place to eat, drink and party!

Sounds good!